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Where to find us!

We have three locations within the Fredericton area to enjoy your favourite coffee/baked goods!

Uptown (The Coffee Mill): 1187 Smythe Street

Downtown (The Brick House): 461 King Street

Northside (The Landing): 7 Mill Street

Check out the links below to check out each invidual Facebook page to see what each location is all about!

about us


We often talk about what it means to be sustainable in the coffee industry, and for us one of the big ways we uphold this standard is through building strong relationships both locally, and globally. We work only with a limited number of importers and producers, to build stronger personal relations. We also bear in mind the environmental effects of coffee, sourcing organic, women product, fair trade and rainforest alliance whenever possible.

Here at MTR, we have a local and global initiative that helps encourage more women to get involved in the coffee industry. The Women of the World Series is an ever-changing collection of coffee that is produced, imported, and roasted by women. We make a note to only bring in one or two bags per region, so we can highlight as many female cooperatives around the world as possible. A portion of every Women of the World Series bag sold at any of our locations gets collected and donated to female initiatives around the Fredericton area. Together we can strengthen the bond between women world-wide and help close the gap between producer and consumer.