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  • Blend: Hanks Dream 100% Colombian + Brazil Mogiana

Marble Roast

  • Washed & Natural Process
  • Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar + Cocoa + Bold Fruit

The Story:

Close your eyes. Imagine your favourite light roast coffee lived in the farms of Colombia, and your absolute favourite dark roast coffee lived in the mountain ranges of Brazil. Keep your eyes closed- now imagine if one roast (probably Colombia) took a solo trip to Brazil, and during their travels met their best friend dark roast at a local café. They conversed, laughed, drank espresso on the patio and eventually became best friends. Now imagine if these two (new) friends combined forces of both regions and created one unique coffee profile to showcase their new found friendship. This roast would develop new aromas, flavours, colours and an all around new, beautiful, personality. They would later decide to call it Dark & Tan, and decided they would create an entire series surrounded around different countries and regions post-blending whenever they could.


Now open your eyes. This is their coffee.