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Our most luxurious and elite coffee series yet!

Introducing the Reserve Collection: O̶X̶Y̶G̶E̶N̶ 

This reserve collection is meant to highlight the most exquisite and luxurious coffees we can get our hands on, from remote origins, exceptional processing, rarity of beans, and overall superb quality of beans. 

Introducing the first iteration: O̶X̶Y̶G̶E̶N̶

Our first anaerobic coffee!

Anaerobic fermentation allows certain natural yeasts that don’t thrive in oxygen rich environments the opportunity to participate in fermenting the coffee beans, which results in different flavours developing in the coffee. The coffee cherries are placed in tanks, then the oxygen is removed from them and the coffee is left to ferment.

By adding specific yeasts intentionally producers can further control and enhance the new flavours that anaerobic process creates, as well and increase their intensity.

 This bag is from our first origin trip to Costa Rica.

This particular coffee was chosen by Carl out of the 80+ coffees we tasted in Costa Rica. it stood out as complex and intense, sweet and clean, everything we were looking for in an amazing coffee from our trip. Only after we had decided we wanted this coffee did we learn that there was only one bag (134lbs) of this coffee made.

This (quite literally) one of a kind coffee is a great representation of our dedication to finding and roasting the best coffee we can!

We hope you love it as much as we do! 

  • Single Origin 
  • Roast Profile: Light Roast
  • Origin: Costa Rica 
  • Process: Anaerobic 
  • 250G 

Light Roast

  • Roasters Tasting Notes: Grape Juice + Kiwi + Cola + Lemon