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LEGACY: 1989


Our newest and most beloved coffee series: the Legacy Series. This series is meant to highlight our current owners and their journey in the coffee industry. 

Introducing the first iteration: 1989 

1989 is a triple picked Sumatran coffee full of classic cedar forest notes, juicy red fruits and a dark chocolate undertone to round out all of the flavours. Anytime you buy a bag of our Legacy series you'll see a family photo imprinted on the label to highlight the person the coffee is inspired after. In this case, Carl, LOVES classic Indonesian coffee so that helped make this first iteration an easy pick. 

Let the dream continue!

  • Single Origin 
  • Roast Profile: Medium Roast
  • Origin: Sumatra 
  • Process: Wet hulled

Medium Roast

  • Roasters Tasting Notes: cedar forest + red fruit + dark chocolate